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About is a non-profit based reference website which is dedicated to spreading awareness of holistic treatments preserved in the Quran and Sunna.

Prophetic medicine, or al-tibb al-nawabi in Arabic (الطب النبوي), has seen a revival in recent times through the republishing and even translation of classic works by Ibn Sina, Ibn al-Qayyim, Al-Suyuti, etc. That being said, these texts still remain difficult to access by the vast majority of Muslims due to their size, difficulty and even lack of clarity on authentic and non-authentic medicines and applications. With this in mind, was set up in order to make this priceless information and research easily accessible and comprehendible in today’s age. We aspire to simplify and contextualise all forms of Islamic medicines, treatments and lifestyle. Join us as we add to our ever-growing library!

Contributors is regularly updated by Azhar Majothi, a student of knowledge and researcher in Islamic traditions, who has a particular interest in Prophetic lifestyle and Ruqyah. The medicines on this website and the Hijama section are almost entirely managed by Umm ‘Abdillah Khanom, a student of knowledge in Arabic and Islamic sciences who has studied Hijama and basic Anatomy and Physiology. Other contributors will be listed soon.


  1. Syed Kashan Asghar

    Assalam o alaikum
    Brother I am medical doctor by profession and currently working in Australia. I am to interested to do studies/ degree (also research) in Prophetic medicine/ Al-tibb al-nawabi. Is there any institution/ University which is offering such studies at any level anywhere in the world. If not please tell me any renowned Sheikh/ doctor/ Tabeeb who is doing work in this field.
    I will be thankful for this favour.

    Dr. Syed Kashan

  2. Really Appreciate your effort..May Allah bless you guys….

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