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Prophetic Medicines

Talbinah / Barley (التلبينة)


Botanical Name  Hordeum Vulgare is the botanical name for barley, it is from the Poaceae family. Description Talbinah is actually a broth made from barley (Sha`eer). The broth is called Talbinah because it is thin and white, similar to milk. Barley (the essence of Talbinah) is a rugged cereal grain from the grass family, it can grow up to 1 ½ to 4 feet tall and flourishes in cool climates. It has not been established where exactly barley originated from however it has been traced back ... Read More »

Truffle (الكمأة)


Botanical name Terfezia, Tirmania or Tuber Description The truffle is a fleshy edible fungus that grows underground, on or near the roots of trees. Its colour varies from shades of white, gray to black and it is recognised by its distinct strong aroma.  There are many different types of truffle, the white variety has a creamy texture and a clean ... Read More »

Senna (السنا)


Botanical name Cassia angustifolia (Alexandrian Senna) Caesalpiniaceae Description Senna is a shrub that grows to about 1 meter in height and is found in hot and humid climates. It has yellow flowers and papery pods which contain six to eight seeds in them. It grows in Western Arabia (Al-Hijaaz) and is harvested in countries like India and Pakistan.  Originally it ... Read More »

Olive (الزيتون)

olive and branch

Botanical name Olea europaea Oleaceae. Description The olive tree is a plant that grows to about 10 meters with a grey twisted trunk. It has spear shaped leaves which are greyish green on top and silvery white on the bottom. Its white flowers grow in clusters, and its fruit (the olive) is oval shaped containing only one stone. The olive ... Read More »

Siwak (السواك)


Botanical name The siwaak is the Arabic word for the twigs of the Salvadora Persica also known as Arak tree or Peelu tree, and is commonly referred to as miswak in the west. Description The siwaak is a natural toothbrush, toothpaste and dental floss. It comes from the Arak which is a small tree that grows up to 3 meters ... Read More »

Henna (الحناء)


Botanical name Lawsonia inermis Description The Henna plant is an evergreen shrub about 6m (20ft) high by 6m (20ft) wide. It has small cream fragrant flowers and grows in tropical grasslands mainly in Africa and Southern Asia, and originated in Egypt. The Henna leaves have no odour even when crushed between the fingers. The flower is small and delicate with ... Read More »

Ithmid (الإثمد)


Description Ithmid is the powdered form of Antimony, a mineral which is also used as a metal for things such as welding, lead batteries and metal detectors. In its powder form it is used for eye make-up such as Kajal, Kohl pens and Surma. Concerns There have been concerns that kohl is a health hazard and the NYC government published ... Read More »

Black Seed (حبة السوداء)

black seed

Botanical name Nigella sativa Description Nigella Sativa commonly known as the blackseed or black cumin originates from the western Asia. It is also known as habbatul sawdah (blackseed) or habbatul barakaah (blessed seed) in the Arabic language. The blackseed is a natural herb from the Ranunculacea (buttercup) family which comes from Western Asia and has also been cultivated in Africa, ... Read More »

Honey (العسل)


Description Honey is a sweet and sticky fluid produced by honey bees from the nectar of flowers and plants. Its colour, flavour, thickness and aroma vary depending on the flower or plant from which the bees gather the nectar. Bees ingest the nectar they collect into their ‘honey stomach’, the nectar is regurgitated and dehydrated repeatedly until it reaches the ... Read More »