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Ibn Qayyim’s Book on Prophetic Medicine


As you might have noticed, Ibn Qayyim’s book on Prophetic Medicine is one of the oft-repeated references used on this website. In this post, I will present a short introduction to this invaluable book for English readers. Ibn Qayyim (Muhammad b. Abu Bakr al-Dimishqi) was born in 691 AH in Damascus which was a centre of knowledge and period of great ... Read More »

Don’t [Always] Give The Sick What They Want!‏


Should you give the sick whatever they want in terms of food? There are two hadiths in this regard, both of which are reported by Imam Ibn Majah in his Sunan, in the Chapters Regarding Funerals and Medicine. Ibn ‘Abbas reported that the Prophet (ﷺ) visited a (sick) man and asked: “What do you desire?” The man replied: “I desire ... Read More »