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Who Taught the Prophet Medicine?

Who Taught the Prophet Medicine?

Writing under the pen name of Lactantius, a Christian author alleges that the descriptions of human embryonic development as mentioned in the Qur’an had been plagiarised from the writings of ancient Greek physicians. Such writings are said to have been transmitted to the Prophet Muhammad through his companion al-Harith bin Kaladah, who is said to have studied medicine at an old and noted medical school in Jundishapur (southern Persia) where instruction in all of the Greek disciplines could be obtained.

Authors Khalid al-Khazarajî and Elias Kareem present a well-researched essay which investigates the accusation that al-Harith bin Kaladah was the source of the Prophet’s medical knowledge. Follow the link below to read the essay. Reposted with kind permission from Elias Kareem:

Was al-Harith bin Kaladah the Source of the Prophet Muhammad’s Medical Knowledge?

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  1. Aslm alykm. The prophet medicine in a great treasure the world is neglecting. May Allah(swt) enable Muslims to be torch bearers who are listened to.

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