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  • Watermelon Windmill Slicer
  • Watermelon Windmill Slicer
  • Watermelon Windmill Slicer

Watermelon Windmill Slicer


One of the onlys fruits that reminds us of summer is watermelon. Watermelon is a sweet and juicy fruit we all love eating.

Watermelons have a tough outer layer which is hard to cut through and sometimes it takes a lot of effort and time to slice it into pieces. Love to serve watermelon to your guests and family? The watermelon slicer is the right tool for your needs. Watermelon slicer is one of the most useful kitchen gadgets.

With the stainless steel watermelon windmill slicer you can get small watermelon cubes sliced in no more than a second with Just a single push. The watermelon windmill slicer is a great tool for educating your children to eat watermelons regularly. You can be calm and even give your child to slice watermelon cubes with this watermelon windmill slicer thanks to its safe design. Just gently push the watermelon slicer over the watermelon and then the swirling cyclone blade will automatically slice the watermelon slices into squares quickly. The watermelon slicer is designed with unique rounded edges and non-sharp blades in order to protect your hands. It is even safe for kids.

With the watermelon slicer it will come so easy and hassle-free to slice watermelon for pieces. If you are looking for cutting watermelon in a fast and easy way. the watermelon windmill slicer will do it really well. It will cut the watermelon for beautiful slices in just a few seconds.

All you need to do is cut off the two ends of the watermelon. place it on your kitchen counter and pass the slicer from the top to bottom of your watermelon and that's it. you will get 12 slices of uniform thickness in a matter of seconds.

The watermelon windmill slicer comes with sharp. smooth blades that are made of high-quality stainless steel. Its handle is also made of stainless steel making sure that it will last for years. Don't worry about your hands when pressing. as it comes with a comfortable grip. so when you use the watermelon slicer your hands will be on secure soft silicone handles from both sides.


Shipping time to US is about 3-10  days.

To rest of the world shipping time is up to 30 days.

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