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Garlic Press Rocker


Tired of getting garlic smell all over your hands when crushing garlic for cooking? This garlic press rocker is the right answer for your needs! This innovative kitchen gadget saves you so much time and effort for your recipes and marinades.
With the garlic press rocker you can crush garlic cloves efficiently and easily. No matter whether you want to crush one garlic or numerous. the garlic press rocker lets you crush garlic easily. By using downward pressure and a rocking motion. the garlic press rocker quickly crushes cloves and forces them through a mesh screen where the pieces are held in a shallow bowl ready for use. The garlic press rocker has an ergonomic design and it's made of 304 stainless steel. so it will last for years. The steel is thick and durable.
Comes with a nonslip soft rubber handle that provides maximum comfortability. comfortable handle design. easy to use and clean. handle a lot of pressure and very sturdy. The big advantage of the garlic press rocker is that unlike other garlic presses. it can be used to crush multiple pieces of garlic at once and saves you a lot of time and effort. This garlic press rocker is worth every penny. and after first use it. you'll never use another garlic press anymore! Minced garlic easily. dishwasher safe.

Shipping time to US is between 4-10 days.

To rest of the world. shipping time is up to 32 days.

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