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Egg Separator


The egg separator helps you easily crack eggs. separate yolk from white and prevent mess while you making your spceial pastries and dishes. Leakage hole for egg white on the back design. can easily hold the egg yolk. prevent egg yolk and egg white mixed together.
Eggs are one of the most used ingredients in any kitchen. We use eggs for making pastries such as cackes. cookies. brownies and also for cooking recipes. The egg separator is an essential tool in the kitchen.  All you need to do in order to separate eggs is just hang it on the side of a bowl and crack an egg into the specially shaped slots. 
This egg separtor is made of non-toxic durable tough PP plastic. Dishwasher safe
Length: 5.1 inches / 13 cm
Diameter: 2.3 inches / 6 cm

Shipping time to US is about 5-12 days.

To the rest of the world shipping time is up to 28 business days.

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